HD Night Vision Mini Camera

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Introducing the SC05 Mini Camera, a portable and powerful device that captures high-definition video in Full HD 1080P. This compact camera is designed for various applications, including as a police video recorder, body camera, motorcycle or bike camera, and even as a motion detection mini camcorder.

Please ensure to read the manual before using this product. Additionally, it is recommended to charge the camera for 3-5 hours for the initial use.

The shell of the camera is made from durable plastic with an anti-fall design, providing reliable protection. With just one key, you can easily start recording and capturing crucial moments. The camera features 4pcs of 940 red infrared lights for enhanced night vision capabilities.

You can conveniently record and charge the camera simultaneously, ensuring uninterrupted operation. The loop recording feature allows for continuous video recording, automatically overwriting the oldest files when the memory is full. The camera supports TF cards ranging from 8GB to 128GB (FAT32), providing ample storage space for your recordings.

Featuring a 180-degree rotating camera head and an impressive 120-degree super wide-angle lens, this camera allows you to capture a broader field of view. The camera is also equipped with motion detection capabilities and supports HD 1080P resolution, making it ideal for use as a car driving recorder, sports DV, or a law enforcement instrument.

With its strong magnetic back clip, the camera can be easily attached to various surfaces. It has a long recording time after being fully charged and offers approximately 7 hours of continuous video recording. The recording is invisible and silent, ensuring discreet operation.

Other useful features include the ability to take photos while recording, infrared light, LED indicator, and a back clip for added convenience. The camera comes in a sleek black color.

The SC05 Mini Camera supports MJPG video coding and AVI format, with audio recorded in WAV/512kpbs format. It has a compact size of 933615mm and features a micro USB connector for easy connectivity. The camera supports TF memory cards from 8GB to 256GB (FAT32). It is powered by a 3.7V/1000MA lithium battery, providing reliable performance. The camera has a frame rate of 30FPS and offers hotspot WiFi connectivity within a range of 15 meters.

The package includes one Mini Camera, an English manual for reference, and a USB data cable for charging and data transfer. Enhance your surveillance and recording capabilities with the SC05 Mini Camera, offering a compact and feature-rich solution for your video recording needs.