AUN A002 Android Projector LED 4k Home Theater Projector HD 4K Video

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Product Description

Introducing the AUN A002 Mini Cinema Projector, a versatile and portable device that brings the big screen experience to your home. With a zoom of x1.5 and weighing only 1.0KG, this projector is designed for convenience and ease of use.

Powered by an Android system, it offers seamless connectivity and a user-friendly interface. The screen scale can be adjusted to either 4:3 or 16:9, providing flexibility for different viewing preferences. A remote controller is included for effortless operation.

Featuring multiple projective modes such as back projection, mirror image, ceiling, and throwing, this projector offers versatile placement options. The LCD projection technology ensures clear and vibrant visuals, while the 1280x720dpi optical resolution delivers sharp image quality.

With a projection distance range of 52 to 430 cm, you can create a screen size of 20 to 120 inches, perfect for creating a home theater experience. The 4200 Lumens brightness and 2000:1 contrast ratio ensure vivid and immersive visuals.

The AUN A002 is equipped with various input/output options including HDMI, power, USB, and 3.5mm earphone out, allowing seamless connectivity with multiple devices. It is also Bluetooth-compatible for wireless audio connectivity.

This projector is certified with RoHS, FCC, and CE, ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards. It features a built-in speaker for convenient audio playback, and the keystone correction offers auto, manual, and electronic adjustment options.

The AUN A002 Mini Cinema Projector is a reliable and feature-packed device, ideal for creating a home theater or enjoying multimedia content. With its compact size, powerful performance, and brand reputation, AUN provides exceptional quality and an immersive viewing experience.