Camping / Desktop Rechargeable Fan with Power Bank

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Introducing our Desktop Rechargeable Fan, a versatile and efficient solution for refreshing air circulation in your space. This fan features natural wind mode and operates at a voltage of 5V, providing a gentle and soothing breeze.

Designed for breeze and mosquito net ceiling fan usage, this cooling-only ventilation fan ensures a comfortable and cool environment. With a timing function ranging from 2 to 7.5 hours, you can conveniently set the desired operating duration.

Our Desktop Rechargeable Fan features innovative technology that enhances its performance. The 15cm suspender length allows for easy placement on tables or other surfaces. The fan operates without rotation but provides effective air distribution through its 5 rotary vanes.

This fan does not have a reverse rotating function or remote control capability. Powered by batteries, it offers flexibility in placement without the need for a power outlet. The low power consumption of 10W ensures energy efficiency.

Our Desktop Rechargeable Fan offers reliability and performance. With a maximum timing limit of 2 to 8 hours and a maximum power of less than 20W, this fan meets your cooling needs effectively.

Constructed with durable plastic material, the Desktop Rechargeable Fan is built to last. Its table installation design makes it convenient to place on any flat surface. The fan speed can be adjusted with three gear options to suit your preferences.

Controlled by a mechanical timer, this fan provides ease of use without complicated settings. With CE and RoHS certifications, you can trust in its quality and safety. 

Ideal for spaces up to 10 square meters, this fan ensures efficient air supply with its rotary vane mechanism. Upgrade your air circulation with our Desktop Rechargeable Fan and enjoy a refreshing and comfortable environment.