LED USB Panel Display

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The portable LED display board is very light and thin, with a thickness of about 3mm. It can be bent and stuffed into handbags and backpacks, etc., allowing for diverse shapes. The USB power supply follows the global communication standard and supports power bank use.

Mobile APP Control: Experience simple operation with Bluetooth control through the CoolLED1248 APP. This dedicated app allows you to control the display screen with ease, offering functions such as text editing, hand-painted graffiti, DIY animation, music rhythm synchronization, and brightness adjustment. The operation is simple, convenient, and the screen updates immediately after modification.

Bright and Colourful LED Lights: The LED display board features 2121 full-color RGB lamp beads, providing vibrant and eye-catching visuals while consuming minimal power.

IP66 Waterproof: With its glue dropping waterproof technology, the LED display board is designed to withstand water exposure. This ensures better protection for the lamp beads inside and prolongs the service life of the display.

Applicable to Multiple Scenes: The LED display board is versatile and suitable for various settings such as bars, restaurants, shops, cars, street vendors, parties, concerts, weddings, and Christmas decorations. Use it to create the ambiance you desire and leave a lasting impression.

Enhance your visual display with our portable LED message board. Its flexible design, mobile app control, bright LED lights, waterproof feature, and wide range of applications make it a perfect choice for all your creative needs.