Magnetic Car Phone Charger

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Introducing our Magnetic Car Holder with Wireless Charger, a versatile and convenient accessory for your car. This car holder is designed to securely hold your phone while providing the added functionality of wireless charging.

Equipped with a strong magnetic feature, this car holder ensures a secure attachment to your phone, keeping it in place even on bumpy roads or sharp turns. The magnetic design allows for easy one-handed operation, making it convenient and safe for use while driving.

The built-in LED adds a stylish touch to the car holder, providing a visually appealing look. The LED light illuminates when your phone is properly attached, indicating that it is charging and ready for use.

Compatible with all major phone brands, this car holder is designed to work with any smartphone. Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, or any other brand, this car holder is ready to securely hold your device.

The wireless charging feature eliminates the hassle of dealing with cables and connectors. Simply place your phone on the holder, and it will start charging wirelessly. With a power output of 15W, it ensures fast and efficient charging for your device.

This magnetic car holder with wireless charging functionality is the perfect solution for keeping your phone secure and powered up while on the road. It offers convenience, safety, and versatility, making it an essential accessory for any car owner.

Upgrade your car with our Magnetic Car Holder with Wireless Charger. Enjoy the convenience of hands-free phone use and efficient wireless charging, all in one sleek and stylish device.