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Introducing our colourful and convenient Sticky Notes! These adhesive notes are the perfect solution for organizing your thoughts, marking important information, and adding a splash of color to your daily tasks.

Each sticky note is made of high-quality coloured PET translucent material, ensuring both durability and a vibrant appearance. The compact sheet size of 1x14.5cm provides ample space for writing while still being easy to stick onto various surfaces. The paste area measures 1x12.5cm, allowing for efficient and precise placement.

With 200 sheets per pack, including 10 colours with 20 sheets each, our sticky notes offer a wide range of options for your note-taking and organization needs. The multiple colours on one board enable clearer marking and classification, making it easier to distinguish between different tasks or categories.

Designed for convenience, these sticky notes can be easily peeled off and stuck onto surfaces such as paper, notebooks, walls, or computer screens. They are also reusable and can be removed without leaving residue or damaging the surface.

These sticky notes are perfect for a variety of uses. Whether you're organizing your schedule, highlighting important dates, marking key points in a document, or classifying your notes, these sticky notes are a valuable tool to keep you organized and efficient.

Please note that when using a water-based pen, it's important to allow the ink to dry completely before touching the note to prevent smudging.

In addition to our online parcel delivery service, we also offer the option of purchasing our sticky notes at our offline stores. If you have specific requirements regarding styles, quantities, logistics, or after-sales support, our dedicated customer service team is ready to assist you. Get organized and add a touch of colour to your life with our versatile and user-friendly sticky notes!