Track Car Adventure Brain Game

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Introducing our innovative Mechanical Connecting Rod Track Adventure Toy! This toy brings a new concept of adventure to the table, enhancing children's thinking ability and practical skills while providing endless fun.

Say goodbye to batteries! Our toy operates solely on mechanical principles, making it environmentally friendly and easy to use. The mechanical structure is designed with stability in mind, ensuring a durable and reliable playtime experience.

This toy stands out from traditional toys as it encourages children to create their own tracks and let their imagination run wild. It promotes creativity and problem-solving skills as children design their own routes and observe the toy in action.

With a variety of vibrant colors, our toy helps children recognize different colors and encourages color matching. Through interactive play, children learn to use control buttons and develop color recognition skills in a fun and engaging way.

Safety is our top priority. Our toy is made from safe and environmentally friendly ABS material, ensuring it can withstand rigorous play and provide long-lasting companionship for your little ones.

We've also taken care of the finer details. The toy features a 360-degree softening treatment, resulting in a round and smooth texture that is gentle to touch and safe for children.


  • Product Size: 26x26x20cm
  • Material: ABS
  • Applicable Age: 3 years old and above

Please note that due to differences in display and lighting effects, the actual color of the product may slightly vary from the images shown.

Experience the adventure and excitement of our Mechanical Connecting Rod Track Toy. Watch as your child's imagination comes to life, building tracks and exploring new possibilities in a safe and engaging way.